Are high-interest merchant advances hurting your business?

Stop merchant cash lenders from threatening your livelihood

Corporate Development Group is ready to help you:

  • Decrease collection calls
  • Work out a reduced fixed monthly payment
  • Gain control of your cash flow
  • Consolidate multiple debt payments to one company
  • Increase your eligibility for traditional bank loans

Corporate Development Group

Our business debt relief program can help you lower your payments and improve your cash flow. We provide personalized programs that can lower your payments by more than half. We’ve settled millions of dollars for our clients and we’re ready to help your business too.


You’ll see immediate results from our services. We work with you and your merchant cash lender to decrease your payment obligations, thus increasing your cash flow instantly.


We are a last option before bankruptcy for many struggling businesses. Let us help you fight to save your livelihood.


We can often renegotiate with your lenders to arrange MONTHLY, not daily, payments.

Merchant cash advances can be the downfall of your business

When cash is tight, many businesses turn to merchant advances for additional capital. While advances may seem like a good idea at first, they can actually lead to the demise of your business.
High interest rates, outrageous fees, and fixed daily payments make merchant advances a costly form of financing. Advances can cripple your company’s cash flow, leaving you with no choice but to take additional advances to pay for the first.
Don’t become a victim of cash advance stacking. Let us help you escape from this endless advance cycle before your debt destroys your business


Do you really need our services?

If your business is facing any of these situations, call Corporate Development Group today!

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  • Daily calls from lending companies?
  • Payment defaults on rent, equipment, or cars?
  • Using personal assets to secure advances?
  • Falling short on payroll obligations?
  • Negative personal and or business bank accounts?

Don’t let merchant cash lenders threaten your business

Corporate Development Group Debt Relief Program Advantages

Our awesome clients we've had the pleasure to work with!

Less Calls From Lenders

Tired of being constantly harassed by collectors? We get the calls to stop by immediately notifying your lenders that we are representing you. All further contact is directed to us, giving you much-needed peace of mind.

Personalized Debt Relief Programs

We review your unique financial situation and create a customized program to maximize your business debt settlement savings. We have experience with the nation’s largest lenders and use the best strategies to reduce your payments or principal amount.

Reduced Flexible Payments

You need sufficient cash flow to keep your business running. We can often settle to decrease your debt obligations by half and extend your payment terms, saving you thousands.

Every client is different, so we can’t predict the exact amount we can reduce your business debt, but you can see some of our past results below.

Real Debt Settlement Stories. Real Results.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions
What does Corporate Development Group do ?
We specialize in business debt settlement. Our expertise lies in negotiating down our client’s debt obligations. We can usually restructure or settle your Merchant Cash Advance debt (and other merchant debts) for significantly reduced amounts.
What is the duration of the program?
The length of the program varies from 3 to 24 months, depending on the needs and financial situation of each client. We can arrange a payment plan to improve your business’ cash flow, as well as set aside funds to negotiate with your lenders. We can usually negotiate lower settlements when the terms are shorter.
How much does it cost?
There is a small enrollment fee when we begin working on your accounts and reaching out to lenders. Our work is performance-based, so the rest of our compensation is earned through a service fee. This fee is based on the portion of money we save you with our program. If we are unable to settle your debts, the funds in your trust account are returned.
Are you a law firm?
No. We are not a law firm, nor do we provide legal advice. However, we are affiliated with a nationwide network of attorneys that assist us when necessary.